I am starting this blog, primarily for my own satisfaction, but also as I increasingly find myself wanting to shout out to the world about all the wonderful cooking, eating, drinking, reading and sewing that I do. I think my life is fairly interesting, so why wouldn’t everybody else?

I love food and I love to cook. That is the primary reason for starting this blog. And I also love wine (especially red wine) and am crazy into wine and food matching. So through this blog I hope to share some of my favourite recipes and favourite wines, and give anyone silly enough to be reading some new ideas about how to augment their enjoyment of food or wine (or beer), by combining the two.

With my recipes I will try to always provide approximate details of calorie content, because I believe that the key to weight loss and weight maintenance is to understand the energy content of the food that we eat. I am a small person (161cm and 50kg) and to maintain slim physique at my size and age (31), I have to be very careful about what I eat. I’m not an obsessive calorie counter, but I eat a carefully controlled, calorie restricted diet. Basically I believe in eating well, but eating in moderation. I want my blog to be accessible and useful to other restrictive eaters, so with my recipes I’ll often provide hints on how to further reduce the number of calories in my dishes, as well as tips on how to increase the calories, for those who are following a higher calorie plan or who just plain don’t care.

For now I’m just going to be posting recipes, but if I keep this up and get keen, I plan to start also photographing my food and posting photos – either of the raw ingredients, or the final product. I love to serve amazing looking food and believe that if you are eating something that LOOKS good, it’ll instantly be more satisfying. With that in mind, you can probably also imagine that I love homewares – especially crockery and cultery, and from time to time I’ll probably post about great new funky homewares that I’ve purchased, or that I am lusting after.

Two of my biggest hobbies in life are reading and sewing. I read every day on the train to and from work, and I absolutely adore it. So when I finish a new book I’ll be posting a review in my blog and I invite comments from others who have read the same book and concurr with my opinions on other titles I might enjoy. I am always looking for new book recommendations so don’t hold back! Sewing is a hobby which I have recently come back to after a fairly decent period of absence. It is my creative outlet and I love it; my favourite Sunday afternoon activity is to while away the hours working on a new sewing project, with Project Runway repeats on the TV and a beer in my hand – bliss. I am also getting into design and have started modifying commercial patterns. In not too long I hope to be able to move away from commercial patterns altogether, but that is a way off yet I feel. So from time to time I’ll be posting pictures of my latest creations, and again I invite comment on them, good or bad.

Finally I love fashion and makeup, and although I don’t have much money to spend on either right now, I’ll be sharing my favourite new looks and new makeup or clothing items which I either love, or am dying to acquire.

So that is me, the good and the bad. If you got this far then I hope you’ll be tempted to visit again when I get the content up and running properly.


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  • 1. Emma  |  July 24, 2007 at 9:51 pm

    You rock! šŸ™‚ x X x X x

  • 2. Carol H.  |  August 16, 2007 at 5:41 am

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes with us.

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